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Lymphatic drainage body massage

The task of the lymphatic system is to remove from the cells of our body decay products, toxins, allergens, various bacteria, that is - it is actively involved in the immune system. Due to our not always healthy lifestyle, disease, malnutrition, stress, the lymphatic system over the years gives up positions, not having time to remove all the "garbage" from the body. As a result, we have swelling, cellulite, varicose veins, frequent viral and infectious diseases, bags under the eyes and unhealthy complexion. To preserve the beauty and youth for many years, experts recommend lymphatic drainage body massage to anyone who cares about their own health.

The procedure involves massaging the lymph nodes as well as the lymph pathways. Lymphatic drainage massage technique requires excellent knowledge of the anatomy of the human body and can only be performed by a qualified professional. Otherwise, you will do great damage to your body.

Where do lymphatic drainage massage?

Lymphatic drainage breast massage is very useful for women after lactation. This will help tighten sagging during breastfeeding as well as get rid of stretch marks;

lymphatic drainage massage of the face and neck is the prevention of premature aging, get rid of swelling and bags under the eyes, improve cell nutrition and subcutaneous circulation, and thus protect against wrinkles;

lymphatic drainage massage of the lower extremities is indicated as prevention and treatment of varicose veins, as this disease occurs due to impaired lymph flow in the legs, frequent acuity due to the accumulation of excess subcutaneous fluid;

lymphatic drainage massage of the abdomen and thighs is performed in the treatment of cellulite, as during the massage removes excess fluid under the skin, adjusts cell nutrition

lymphatic drainage massage and decomposition products are excreted, which accumulate, along with fluid and create the famous "orange peel";

Lymphatic drainage massage is actively used for weight loss, because the cause of obesity are most often problems with metabolism, accumulation of slag and excess fluid in the body. To do this, use a general lymphatic drainage massage, which activates the metabolism and promotes the rapid removal of toxins from the body along with excess fluid.

All you have to do is find a qualified masseur and start recovery with a lymphatic drainage massage.

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